Who We Serve

Skyhill REO specializes in meeting the unique asset liquidation needs of Lending Institutions, Private Equity Firms, Distressed Asset Servicers, and Mortgage Banking Servicers nationwide.

What We Do

Our accomplished REO Asset Managers work with the best Real Estate Agents, Contractors, Appraisers, Home Inspectors, Escrow Companies, Title Officers, and Closing Attorneys in the business. We provide complete REO Asset Management Services to execute comprehensive asset disposition plans that achieve consistent results to enhance profitability.

How We Work

Skyhill REO commits its full resources to understanding your REO Outsourcing needs, meeting those needs with superior service and making your bottom line our top priority.

What sets us apart

  • Increase Sales Price to Value
  • Improve Scheduled to Close Ratio
  • Reduce Closing Timeframes
  • Reduce Client Servicing Costs
  • Raise Overall Asset Recovery Rate

Sharp Focus On Client Needs

Our accomplished Leadership Team has extensive experience in growing both small and large scale operations in compressed timeframes. Our team carefully considers various growth scenarios and develops customized plans to adapt to asset volume changes as they arise. Skyhill REO has the unique ability to implement flexible space and staffing plans tailored to meet specific property assignment loads.

Results Matter

Skyhill REO employs a staff that offers exceptional customer service, powerful operating systems, strong corporate infrastructure, superior property to staff ratio and robust Corporate Governance.

Nationwide network of REO experts

More than 3,500 experienced, fully licensed, certified and insured Agents and REO Professionals who specialize in maximizing return on the disposition of foreclosed properties for large institutional clients.